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EP Power Grit specializes in high-quality blasting abrasives and industrial minerals based on aluminum, iron or calcium silicates, natural minerals, glass and other raw materials. With extensive expertise, we help our customers to achieve perfect surface properties and prepare surfaces effectively. Smart logistics services tailored to customers’ needs promise additional benefits.


We supply a comprehensive range of abrasives for dry and wet blasting. The environmentally friendly products are effectively used for surface cleaning in industry, on buildings and ships and for water jet cutting, delivering outstanding results on steel, metal, stone, concrete, wood and other surfaces. Our industrial minerals give your products a characteristic sheen and secure adhesion. Our industrial minerals are versatile in use as decorative construction materials, in roofing and as road building materials.

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Close to our customers – across the globe

Our customers around the world rely on the consistently high quality and fast delivery of our products. Our high-quality blasting abrasives and industrial minerals are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities at five locations in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Finland.

With local customer service in Germany, France, Finland, Sweden and the Benelux countries, we are always ready to help our customers and partners wherever they are.

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Smart logistics services

Smart logistics services

With our flexible packaging options and smart logistics services, you maximize your profits. You can receive our blasting abrasives and industrial minerals as loose bulk material, in big bags or in 25 kg bags, as you require. For permanent locations or long-term projects, we offer a rental silo system of different types and in various capacities. You too can benefit from our short lead times and delivery periods.

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EP Power Grit – a reliable partner

The EP Power Grit Group is part of EP Power Minerals GmbH, based in Dinslaken, Germany. 

As the European competence leader in the fields of cementitious materials, blasting abrasives and industrial waste, EP Power Minerals with its numerous subsidiaries and a growing international network is a service provider for industry and the construction trade. Since mid-2021, EP Power Minerals has been part of the central European energy group Energetický a průmyslový holding (EPH).

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Innovations creating added value

We continuously modernize our portfolio of goods and services.

ASILIKOS Lava has been added to our range as a powerful next-generation blasting abrasive. The raw material is lava from volcanic activity in Iceland. Lava is a perfect successor to slag from coal-fired power plants.

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Our products and services set standards worldwide. With operations in 30 countries and an extensive logistics network, we can help you achieve your goals.

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Hardness or breaking strength, density or reusability – please contact us to discuss your requirements for blasting abrasives and industrial minerals. We will advise you on the most suitable material for your surface treatment.

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