Extensive range of blasting media for surface preparation

Our extensive portfolio includes expendable abrasives such as NAstra and Bekagrit iron silicate abrasive and Scorex calcium silicate abrasive, recyclable abrasives such as steel abrasives, aluminium oxide and chilled iron grit and special abrasives such as Vasilfine micro coal slag (aluminium silicate), glassbeads, calcium carbonate, dolomite and many more.

We are constantly improving and expanding our range of blasting media, looking at new ways to achieve even better surface preparation results across all types of abrasive / grit blasting (sandblasting) projects.

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All of our abrasive products are backed by the highest standards of customer service and technical support, ensuring that you achieve the best surface preparation results every time. Our expert team are always on hand to advise you on the best type of blasting media for your project. Please contact us today to discuss your abrasive / grit blasting (sandblasting) needs – we'll advise you on the best type of blasting media for all of your requirements.

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