Sinter grit

Sintergrit is composed of specially selected minerals, and sintered at a high temperature.


Sinter grit is produced by crushing sintershot, thus having the same chemical properties. Sintergrit is a hard and tough material with a high density and very good recycling properties. It contains no free iron and does not react with water.

Blastcleaning of steel/concrete/stone surfaces. It is suitable for pressure and vacuum blasting. It gives a uniform and clean surface and is highly suitable for removal of rust, paint and mill-scale from metal surfaces, as well as for stone cutting. The material can be recycled for a numerous times and is suitable for stainless steel and aluminium surfaces. Highly efficient in blast cabinets.

Grain sizes

# 40/70 0.21 - 0.40 mm
# 20/40 0.40 - 0.84 mm
# 16/30 0.84 - 1.68 mm
# 08/16 1.19 - 2.38 mm


  • In paper bags of 25 kg on shrinkfoiled export pallets of 1000kg

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