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Silos mit Asilikos

Expendable blasting abrasive for surface cleaning of the old Leverkusen Rhine Bridge

Surface preparation specialist Hans Tiefenbach GmbH applies our abrasive Asilikos for the complete surface cleaning of all coated or corroded metal parts of the old Leverkusen Rhine Bridge.

Geschäftsbereich Strahlmittel

The EP Power Minerals Blasting Abrasives and Industrial Minerals Division is now EP Power Grit GmbH

With four subsidiaries, EP Power Grit GmbH combines all activities relating to blasting abrasives and industrial minerals within the Power Minerals Group.


Successful renaming of our new subsidiaries

Four new subsidiaries have enriched our company group since EP Power Minerals has acquired 100 % of the abrasives business from SCR-Sibelco and founded EP Power Grit. 

EP Power Grit

EP Power Minerals successfully concludes takeover of blasting abrasives business from SCR-Sibelco

As of December 1, 2022, the blasting abrasive activities of SCR-Sibelco will no longer be part of the Sibelco Group. Sibelco has sold the abrasives business to EP Power Grit GmbH, a subsidiary of the German company EP Power Minerals GmbH.

John S. Thompson Brücke

John S. Thompson bridge blast cleaned with Bekagrit iron silicate abrasive

The John S. Thompson Bridge is the bridge over the Maas between Grave and Nederasselt. The bridge was built from 1927 to 1929 as part of the 's-Hertogenbosch - Nijmegen highway.

Gasometer Oberhausen wird mit NAstra® Eisensilikat-Strahlmittel gestrahlt

Gasometer Oberhausen blast cleaned with NAstra® iron silicate abrasive

NAstra® expendable blast cleaning abrasive is used for the renovation of the Oberhausen Gasometer in Germany.