Expendable abrasives

Expendable blast cleaning abrasives are used in so-called "open nozzle" blast cleaning.

Rusted bolds

Explore our portfolio of single-use abrasives.

All products in our expendable abrasive range comply with ISO standards ISO 11126 and 11127 and contain less than 1% free crystalline silica.

Our expendable abrasives are mainly produced from carefully selected secondary raw materials. These are by-products of other industrial processes - reusing them saves valuable primary resources.

The expendable range includes:

  • Iron silicate (copperslag / nickelslag): NAstra®, Bekagrit, Fajalit and OK-Grit
  • Calcium silicate (iron furnace slag): Scorex®, ScorexPlus
  • Aluminium silicate (coal slag): Vasilgrit®, Vasilfine
  • Garnet
  • See our expendable abrasives products.

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