Fajalitis a granulated iron silicate material extracted at Boliden’s Rönnskär copper production facility in Sweden through a unique process called ‘fuming’ whereby the silicate is exposed to high temperatures, resulting in a very pure product.


After drying, the material is then sieved to an optimum particle size for blasting. Fajalit can be used on most surfaces and is produced in accordance with ISO 11126-3.

It is used as blast cleaning abrasive for all application fields in conventional corrosion protection on almost all surfaces. Suitable for SA-3, SA-2½, SA-2 and SA-1.

Very suitable for use as roofing granules, as it is weather resistant and has uniform colour and grain size.

Grain sizes

Fine 0,2 - 0,7 mm
Standard 0,2 - 1,4 mm


  • In loose bulk by silo truck
  • Bags of 30 kg, on shrinkfoiled export pallets of 1050 kgs.
  • Strong woven polypropylene big bags of 1000 kgs, with 4 lifting loops.
  • Other packing options on request.

Product categories

Industry solutions



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