Special abrasives

The abrasives in this range work less aggressively than other abrasives, making them ideal for more delicate facade cleaning, blast cleaning of wood and other more delicate surfaces, including stainless steel and aluminium.

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These abrasives do not damage the blast cleaned surface.

We have several special abrasives in our product range, including Vasilfine micro-coalslag grit, Eurocal calcium carbonate, softblast (ground walnuts), sodium bicarbonate (Armex) and fine grades of Bekagrit (BG250) and Scorex® (SC250).

The recyclable range includes:

  • Aluminium silicate abrasive (micro-coalslag blasting grit): Vasilfine
  • Glasbeads
  • Calcium carbonate: Eurocal, Durcal
  • Armex sodium bicarbonate
  • Doloblast dolomite

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