It is water-soluble, odourless and slightly alkaline (pH-value of 8.2).


Armex Maintenance and Armex® Maintenance XL are a formulated Sodium Bicarbonate, a completely harmless and environmentally friendly product. ARMEX sodium bicarbonate blast media. Ideal for industrial cleaning in food processing, pulp and paper, automotive and other industries. Suited for architectural cleaning, whether stripping a single layer or multiple. Extremely effective, one-step cleaning and deodorizing after fire and smoke damage or for mould remediation. It does no mechanical damage to the surface (no etching).

Grain sizes

Armex Maintenance

250 µm 8% max.
150 µm 55% max.
90 µm 93% max.


Armex Maintenance XL

425 µm 8% max.
250 µm 60% max.
150 µm 70% max.
75 µm 80% max.
45 µm 90% max.


  • Multi-ply paper bags of 25 kg content, on shrink foiled export pallets of 1000 kg net / 1020 kg gross weight.

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