Facade cleaning and monument protection

From sandstone cathedrals to brick built houses, our blast cleaning abrasives clean brilliantly without damaging the surface.

clean and dirty wall

Special abrasives such as Armex sodium bicarbonate, Eurocal calcium carbonate and Doloblast dolomite are perfect for blast cleaning stone or concrete walls.

Other expendable abrasives particularly suitable for facade cleaning include finer grades of Scorex® calcium silicate (iron furnace slag), Vasilfine aluminium silicate (coal slag), and crushed glass abrasives. All can be used for dry,wet or slurry blasting and do not contain free crystalline silica.

Our finest grade of Bekagrit (size BG250) has recently been used on several facade cleaning projects in France with outstanding results.

Abrasive or grit blasting (sandblasting) has been widely used for many years as an effective surface preparation method to clean and restore stone, brick or concrete. It’s a technique that helps to breathe new life into old buildings. However, the right choice of abrasive blasting media is important – the correct abrasive will ensure that the surface is cleaned thoroughly without any damage.

Products in our range of special abrasive blasting media are ideally suited to delicate facades, delivering outstanding surface preparation results every time.