Doloblast / Microdol Dolomite

Doloblast/Microdol is a natural calcium/magnesium carbonate-based micro abrasive used frequently for wet blasting.


It is particularly suitable for the restoration of monuments and statues, façade cleaning, and the removal of dirt, paint and graffiti. Doloblast/Microdol contains no heavy metals, free crystalline silica or corrosive salts and will not cause efflorescence. Due to its low hardness, Doloblast/Microdol does not damage the blasted surface, instead acting more as a cleaning agent. It can therefore be used to blast clean glass and there is no need to tape off hard metals or hard types of paint (provided they are not oxidised or weathered). Aluminium, copper, zinc and thin layers of paint (latex, synthetic materials) will still need protection.

It is very suitable for restoration of monuments and statues, facade cleaning, and removal of dirt, paint and graffiti. It does not contain heavy metals or free crystalline silica and therefore harmless to health and environment.

Due to the low hardness of the material, Doloblast/Microdol does not damage the blasted surface.

Grain sizes

0,0 - 0,3 mm
0,3 - 0,5 mm other grain sizes upon request


  • 25 kg paper bags, on shrinkfoiled export pallets of 1225 kg.
  • Other packing options on request.

Product categories

Industry solutions



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