Expendable blasting abrasive for surface cleaning of the old Leverkusen Rhine Bridge

Silos with Asilikos

Surface preparation specialist Hans Tiefenbach GmbH applies our abrasive Asilikos for the complete surface cleaning of all coated or corroded metal parts of the old Leverkusen Rhine Bridge.

In 2017, a huge mobility project started close to Leverkusen. As part of the motorway expansion A1, the old Rhine bridge will be pulled down and replaced by a new structure. Before the dismantling can begin, the old bridge must be cleaned of all pollutants – this is required by current regulations.

Hans Tiefenbach’s team decided to use EP Power Grit’s expendable blasting abrasive Asilikos which is manufactured from mineral, environmentally friendly slag tap granulate, an aluminum silicate. It contains neither water-soluble constituents nor free crystalline silicic acid.

The project will require several tons of Asilikos with a grain size of 0.5-2.0. The first container has already been filled; further deliveries will be made continuously until April 2025.


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